July 06, 2017


There are several benefits of electronic cigarettes. They are an excellent alternative to a traditional cigarette. Many smokers are hesitant to make the switch because they are not only addicted, but they enjoy smoking.  And there’s nothing wrong with that!

For others, the initial cost of the electronic cigarette was daunting. I had done plenty of research and knew that I would save a TON of money in the long term. Yet that initial cost always kept me hesitant. Then I found out that the initial cost wasn’t nearly as high as I had expected. This made the decision much easier.

And the benefits are:

1. Big saving over traditional cigarettes. This means extra money to buy the hot shoes you saw in the shop or the handy little tool you have had your eye on. With the money you save you could find many uses for the extra cash in your pocket.

2. You may not realise the impact smoking has on your sense of smell and taste, especially if you have been smoking for many years. However, with electronic cigarettes you can regain those senses in a matter of weeks. For me it was strange to smell my neighbour’s flowers from down the block. I’ve also discovered that there are many foods that I actually enjoy that I’ve never liked before as I can actually taste their unique flavor.

3. You can say goodbye to the offensive odour from smoking. There is no smell with an electronic cigarette. Imagine no longer having your hair, skin, and clothes smelling of tobacco smoke. The stale smell that is typically found in the home from smoking will also begin to fade away in time. You and your home can smell fresh.

4. Electronic cigarettes don’t stain your teeth yellow like tobacco does. If you already have been smoking for years it may take a little effort to get a whiter, brighter smile. Finally no more brushing your teeth with that pink minty sand stuff!

5. You can enjoy the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere with electronic cigarettes. Obviously this is down to the bar / restaurant owner’s discretion, but most are pretty supportive in my experience, even if you do have to explain things to them a little.

With many benefits to switching to electronic cigarettes the question isn’t why you should quit, it’s when.


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