February Feast - Delicious Donut flavours for just £13.99 this month!

February 01, 2021

February Feast - Delicious Donut flavours for just £13.99 this month!

You don't need to be a New York cop or Homer Simpson to love donuts - everyone loves donuts! The thing is they don't do your waistline any favours.

Fortunately we've found a way for you to get your donut fix and keep those new year's resolutions: Don't eat them, Vape them instead!

Check out these delicious donut flavours on offer at just £13.99 this February. A massive discount on their usual price of £20.

Strawberry Donut

A delicious frosted donut smothered in strawberry milk. It's so good that people stop you on the street to ask what that amazing smell is!

Definitely the nicest donut flavour on the market! Once you try this vapour, you'll be making this your breakfast treat every morning.

Apple Cinnamon Donut

An awesome apple-filled donut, dusted lightly with cinnamon.

Very well-balanced with a dash of cinnamon to help reset your taste buds. This flavour stays fresh until the last drop!

Blueberry Donut

Scrumptious blueberry flavoured donut, smothered in milk.

Similar to its strawberry brother, this donut flavour with its burst of fruity blueberry will keep you coming back for more.

Marshmallow Donut

Gooey marshmallow donut with milky undertones makes this a luxuriously sweet and delicious e-liquid flavour.

One of our all time favourites. The One Marshmallow Donut is a perfect little fluffy cloud of marshmallow goodness.

Did someone say donuts?

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