November 01, 2018


We have all heard about how dangerous tobacco is. We have also heard that nicotine is highly addictive. It’s clear that cigarettes are potentially fatally harmful. However no one really talks about the dangers associated with nicotine alone aside from its addictive quality.

Did you know that nicotine alone in small doses is no more harmful to your health than caffeine? The downside is that nicotine is highly addictive.

Some studies have shown that nicotine is actually good for you. There have been numerous studies connecting nicotine to helping a variety of conditions. Nicotine patches have shown improved cognitive abilities in elderly patients both with and without Alzheimer’s. While other studies have shown growth in new blood vessels, treatment of depression, as well as many other benefits that are still being studied.

As with most things in life, there is controversy that surrounds using nicotine therapy. Much more vigorous research will be needed to see if it becomes a standard practice in treating a variety of ailments.

However there have yet to be adequate studies to show the long term effects of nicotine. Most people obtain nicotine through smoking a cigarette. There are many harmful side effects associated with smoking. It will be interesting to learn what the long term effects are of nicotine alone.

The number one problem has been the delivery system. We all know that smoking traditional cigarettes imposes too many health risks. There is no hiding from that fact. You see and hear about it everywhere with the countless stop smoking campaigns.

Another problem with nicotine is that over time the effects of nicotine aren’t as prominent. Your body builds a tolerance to it. The alertness that one feels while using nicotine on occasional basis wouldn’t be felt in someone who uses nicotine regularly.

As with most things in the world, it is all about the amount you use and how often. The other big issues would be the delivery system to use nicotine in small amounts. Is the future of nicotine use going to be electronic cigarettes? Only time will show the answer to that. More studies are needed in order to ensure the safety and side effects.

There have been studies that suggest that second hand “smoke” is not harmful. There is no carbon monoxide produced. Also, there is hardly any nicotine left in the exhaled vapour.

So are electronic cigarettes the right delivery system?  We think so – what do you think?

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