Magic March - Top 5 Dinner Lady Flavours - £10.99 or 2 for £20!

March 01, 2021

Magic March - Top 5 Dinner Lady Flavours - £10.99 or 2 for £20!

March is here already and we're just beginning to get those first glimpses of springtime. That definitely puts us in the mood for some light fruity e-liquids to vape while enjoying the fresh spring sunshine!

And when it comes to light, fruity e-liquids, they don't come much better than UK's favourite e-juice brand, Dinner Lady.

Popular in 96 countries and winners of 41 awards, it's no surprise that these are such a hit with TC's vapers. So this month, we're massively discounting our Top 5 Dinner Lady flavours. Check them out here!

Berry Blast

A perfect blend of juicy raspberry and sweet cherry which compliment each other without being too overpowering.

"Smooth blend of berries with just the right cherry kick."

Sweet Fusion

Dinner Lady Sweet Fusion is a mixture of multicoloured, chewy fruits which are sure to tantalise your taste buds!

"Like a trip to Ramsons and buying all the sweets."

Melon Twist

Slices of succulent honeydew melon mixed with juicy ripe kiwis.

"One of the nicest melon flavours on the market with a nice touch of kiwi to spice things up."

Strawberry Bikini

Strawberries, koolada and notes of citrus.

"It's a sunny day and the bars are closed. You want a strawberry daiquiri. Never mind - a Strawberry Bikini will do the trick!"

Purple Rain

A fruity pleasure that will make your senses dance under a rain of purple, embellished with drops of bilberry, the raspberry and lemon.

"Yes, it does say bilberry! And that's what makes the difference. A fresher, cleaner flavour compared to blueberry."

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